relentless leader program

6 month 1:1 mentorship

program summary:

6 Months of in depth 1:1 mentorship and support to step into your role as a Leader and build out your team in a way that helps scale your business through our signature Relentless Leaders Method™. 

Through our signature methodology we will work together to structure your team for their strengths to keep you from having to continuously answer the same questions. This will also free up more time for you to concentrate on the work you love, expand your influence and your mission.

Who Program is designed for:

The business owner who’s ready to wear less hats and step fully into your role as a Leader sooner than later to scale your business. You’re overwhelmed and overworked and know the fast way out of your uncomfortable situation is to bring on an aligned team of individuals who work with their own strengths to do everything you don’t like to do and don’t know how to do. You may already have 1-2 team members but feel like you’re not seeing much of a difference in your overwhelm or feel like you’re having to do a lot of micromanaging or retraining when you’re not wishing to do so but the team members constantly have questions and need your help.

what's included:


  • Access to the next round of Outsource to Scale After Signing
  • Access to all Masterclasses, Workshops and Webinars
  • Lifetime Access to the VIP Elite Facebook Community of Leaders
  • Team gains access to Aligned Leader Group Calls for duration of contract
  • Trello Template for Organizing Candidates